What’s love got to do with Meditation – Read On

We don’t ‘do’ meditation; meditation ‘does’ us. The only thing to ‘do’ in meditation is nothing.”

You get a transformed and inspired perspective to all of your life. Spontaneous insights happen in this place with awesome creativity, increased self confidence, happiness, increased energy and abundance.

Expressing our spiritual truths about who we are and what we really want is the key to peace and spiritual wellness. By listening to ourselves, trusting ourselves and acknowledging what we really feel, we are allowed to change what is not working and to live in a more meaningful, purposeful way. This is the best place to make any decision or take an action from. Here is what one of my meditation mentors have to say on this:

Meditation plays a vital role in cleansing the negative emotions in a person. Several prisoners around the world have done some breathing exercises and meditation, and have been able to get completely rid of the hatred, anger and the revengeful feeling that grip them.

“Inside every culprit, I see a victim crying for help. It’s the stress, lack of broad vision about life, lack of understanding and bad communication, which leads to violence in society. Love, being the very central force of a human life gets covered by stress and distress. Only the spiritual knowledge and education in human values, can help an individual stand up to the demands of the day and also help in managing the problems one faces in their daily lives.”

~ Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Human beings are at the crossroads today, where on one side they become violent or frustrated and on the other side depressed or suicidal. Only the knowledge about our spirit – which is all love, beauty and peace, and which transcends the boundary of all our concepts, imaginations and identities – can help us bring freedom from this frustration and violence.

In the next article we will look into 13 common myths around meditation and the 4 reasons why most people do not complete their personal development/meditation course.

It is essential if you wish to learn meditation, that you receive meditation instruction from a qualified teacher. Meditation is not a technique you can pick up simply by reading about it online or in a book. If you are interested in learning which meditation would work for your life situation, please find a qualified teacher in your area, or learn with Dr. Vijaya.

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