Using the Peace Process to Effortless Let Go Negative States

The Peace process is such a fantastic gift once you uncover it within yourself.

The first thing is to acknowledge that ALL feelings are residing in your body, especially negative emotions such as sadness, frustration, anger, disappointment, fears, anxieties.

You all know you have feelings and you get so overwhelmed by them, and you don’t know what to do when you are stressed except yell and dump all that anger and frustration on others, especially on loved ones in your life. And you hate doing this again and again when you are upset and resentful.

You can do what is called the Peace Process.

Firstly, just locate where that heaviness or the darkness energy, is within your body.

This is the energy that most people usually don’t like to experience at all and instead take to drinking alcohol or consuming recreational drugs to try to suppress them.

This avoidance of your negative emotions doesn’t work and only worsens the situation and affects your health, well being and relationships in the long term.

Instead, as you start focusing on your dark energies residing in your body and breathe into it, you start noticing the uncomfortable states leaving you.

You can place your hands in the area of your body where you can feel the negative energies the most. And just breathe into this area.

In a few minutes, you will find that you’re in a whole level of Peace beyond your imagination. Just focus on the feeling in your body and not get into the thinking and solving the situation mentally!

If you’re interested to know how to experience this fantastic process of transforming your negative emotions into this incredible power of peace that you never saw was right within you, book here for your Inner Peace Breakthrough Session.

In Loving Service,
Dr. Vijaya

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