Find a new understanding of the complex world we live in!

Are you someone who is trying to find a new understanding of the complex world we live in? Do you experience moments in your life where you feel loved and you feel your life has value and purpose?

Then what happens? Sooner or later, tragedy strikes. Or you are dealing with a past tragedy/loss that never seems to leave you. You may be humiliated. You may have lost your job. You worry about losing your home, or are facing a serious health crisis. Your teenager hates you and unleashes passionately his or her anger and blame toward you.

And you don’t know what to do.

This is your moment of choice. Do you still believe in a positive future? Do you still believe in love and caring for others? Do you feel that if you have love in your heart, then love will appear again in your life?

​​​​​​​These cycles of hope and despair appear again and again in all our lives. The more we demand that people in our lives treat us with respect and kindness, or hide from them so we can avoid being hurt, the more we suffer. Is there no end to pain and suffering?

Yes. There is another way to weather the storms in your life. By connecting with your life force energy, your soul, the divine life spark in you. Having that one relationship with love itself, transforms every negativity in your life into a blessing. Truly.

I would like to extend a personal invitation for you to spend a few minutes once a month experiencing our profound peace meditations with our FREE monthly Peace Begins with Me initiative Group Meditations.


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