The Counter Intuitive Approach – How To Work Less And Make More

For many years I, like many other people I know and grew up with, believed that hard work was the key to success in career/business and life.

Life as a parent raising kids and having to balance work and family life was hard. I thought I needed to forge ahead with hard work.

I learned spiritual techniques and different kinds of psychological therapies to lessen the stresses in my life and hence to get to a more peaceful state. it did not occur to me at first that wanting to “have a more peace in my life by doing more and more” actually might be causing my suffering. My realization came years later that there is  a surer pathway to be happy and at peace no matter what. My clients who work with me now also get to experience their Innate Wisdom and resilience.

Take the example of Harry who came to me with work-related stress. He was “working hard” to save his consulting business and in the process was exhausted,  stressed out, not sleeping or eating. In fact these are classical burnout symptoms. Harry did not think he was successful although he was earning a good income and his business was growing. His family life was suffering as well.

Harry had his epiphany when he understood that his problem was thinking that his business was the cause of his stress. He thought when he experienced a low mood that meant that he did not know enough and felt the pressure to do more and more so that he could end his stress and suffering.

Life felt harder and harder despite the fact that he had good employees.

When his moods were low, Harry also had accompanying thoughts that told him he was not good enough, that he was a failure. he could not slow down as he was afraid that without hard work his life will fall apart.

After working with me, Harry understood the power of his stressful thoughts in causing his stressed out feelings. When his mind became quiet he could see his underlying insecurities and how he linked his survival to working hard.

He was able to see that letting go of his thoughts and long held beliefs felt quite emotional. Harry saw that he had all his life not been able to surrender to the deeper Intelligence, a Higher Power within. He was able to surrender and let go of believing in his negative thoughts.It was all a movie!

Harry experienced the deeper Peace. There was no need to rush. There was nothing to do. Nowhere to go. He could experience Presence in the Moment. When his mind was calm, a rush of creative and inspiring energy filled him to inform him of his next steps. he realized that this Infinite Creative Potential and Wisdom was Innate and always with him to tap on.

Harry’s business and success followed with his enjoyment of life and family.

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