How to be More of Who You Really Are

The #1 thing that has the potential & power to sabotage your life… or totally transform you into your best & highest self… is your mastery over your ‘Ego-Thought’

What is Ego-Thought?

Ego is defined as that part of you that defines itself as a personality, separates itself from the outside world, and considers itself (read: you) a separate entity from the rest of nature and the cosmos.

Perhaps necessary for survival in some evolutionary bygone, in modern times it leads only to (albeit often disguised) misanthropic beliefs and delusion. Egocentric thinking is responsible for the hate, fear, and delusional feelings. This is unhealthy egocentric thinking. On the other hand, having a healthy ego allows us to live a balanced life and function in society and in relationships.

The Power of Thought is the Spiritual Gift God/Divine gave us that allows us to see our way through life. It’s our ability to think. It’s an Awesome gift when used wisely!

“Egocentric-Thinking”, as I define it, is all egotistical, self-sabotaging thinking…

Specifically, it’s all thinking that is based on the illusion that our feelings might be coming from something other than thought in the moment.

In other words, when it looks to us like our feeling (or experience/mood/ attitude) is coming from the past, or what happened to us, other people, or our circumstances… we’re lost in an illusion that let’s our ego run circles around us all day long.

When you’re stuck in this kind of Ego-Thoughts, you usually aren’t aware of what’s causing it, and as a result you might find yourself…

  • Missing your daily meditation or prayers and beating yourself up in your head for not being good enough
  • Not going to the gym or eating healthily, even though you promised yourself you would
  • Getting into arguments with your spouse or family members, and getting really frustrated that they just don’t get where you’re coming from
  • Blaming other people, like your parents, or upbringing, for the way your life is today
  • Suffering from any number of psycho-spiritual conditions, illnesses, heart aches etc.
  • Reading book after book, going on course after course, but always plagued with the feeling that you’re not ‘there’ yet, and if you keep going, then maybe somewhere over the rainbow you’ll find the happiness & peace you’ve been learning about
  • Stuck being single even though you know you have a lot to offer to a partner, but just can’t seem to find the right person (and slowly find yourself losing your confidence…)
  • Having scarcity thinking about money & time… always feeling like there isn’t enough of it for you to have true freedom and do what you really want with your life
  • Listening to the ‘inner critic or false ego voice’ tell you that you’re not good enough, not spiritual enough, not thin enough, not grateful enough, just not enough…

It doesn’t have to be this way for the rest fo your life…I should know. I’ve been there. It was painful until I discovered a way out. My life totally changed. I became happier and inspired to lead a purpose driven life no matter the challenges.

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You will see how to discard and totally drop a life-time’s worth of insecure and egoistic thinking that’s been stopping you from being Your Highest Self and reaching your full potential.

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