There are many other instances in our lives when we catch a glimpse of our Soul Consciousness. You know that experience when you meet someone and know they are a soulmate. It’s not your imagination. It feels like a knowing. But you can’t put a finger to it. Some people call it a gut reaction, an intuitive knowing..Then your reasoning mind starts working and you start thinking of all the reasons why you think you have a connection with this person…they have similar values, or there is a mutual attraction. You make up the reasons. You just don’t really know but it bothers you. The feeling keeps you lying awake at night thinking about this so called “connection.” What your SoulConsciousness Energy does is it begins to put you on your Life Path. Soul Consciousness Energy is like a GPS – you’re in New York and you want to get to Los Angeles in the quickest time. You make a conscious decision to program the GPS and follow what it says. If you find yourself going in the other direction and find yourself on the way to Texas, then that is something the brain told you to do. You feel so out of place in the journey to Texas and you wonder what the hell you are doing there. So all your Life you go round and round like a dog chasing its tail, not satisfied, not happy with little or no clarity as to where you are going and wondering why. Your purpose in Life, your soul-mates for your Life Journey are all missing. No wonder you feel so lost and confused. So tired and worn out. Wondering when the next disaster o challenge is going to hit you again and again. Life is such hard work..

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