Community Healing Meditation

Peace Begins With Me Initiative

This is an hour long group call the 1st Thursday of every Month.

We will explore wisdom teachings that can provide effective ways to help make the pain and suffering stop and bring great joy, peace and wisdom into your life and the lives of your loved ones!

**Special Date** August 10th, September 5th

Each month we connect to relax the body, calm the emotions and still the mind. And experience a profound expansion of consciousness… One with Mother Earth

The Peace Meditation: Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?
Anyone can participate regardless of whether they have meditated before. They must possess a clear consciousness that is not impaired by alcohol, drugs or a severe psychological illness. The decision to participate is completely voluntary. Children are welcome to sit with you as you meditate and must not be coerced to join in.

How do I join in?
Participants can join via a special zoom link on their computer or come in person to Bedford, New York.  Please email Tara at:

How am I to meditate?
The Peace meditation process begins with a short discussion on a section of the Timeless Wisdom Teachings. This will help you understand the very profound peace states most folks enter into, and how our mind, thoughts and feelings interact to cause anxiety, worry, concerns and even physical illnesses that cause us mental, emotional, physical and even spiritual anguish in our lives.

During the Second Phase of Group Peace meditation, we focus on our breath in the present moment while listening to the Buddhist Peace Chant inspired by monk, author, and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh.

The Vietnamese Buddhist Zen Master worked tirelessly for peace, especially during the Vietnam War. In 1967, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. nominated him for a Nobel Peace Prize. Thich Nhat Hanh argues that unless and until individuals are peaceful within themselves, they cannot work for peace among nations.

Just by practicing breath awareness and deep listening to the Peace Chant for 20 mins, you allow the chant to carry you within your body- where your deepest pains, fears, anxieties, and concerns are felt. Just keep enjoying your breath in the present moment and slowly, you experience the peace of your being and the wonderful sensation of minimum or no thoughts.

When you experience this Peace State for yourself, you will then see images and feel the pain of others in your life. Keep breathing and sending them peace and love. Lastly, you may see mental images of war torn places or other areas on the planet where there is much pain and suffering. Breathe peace and love for the people affected in those areas as they come up into your consciousness.

The Third Phase occurs after the chant is over when participants are advised to remain in their Peace or Neutral States for 5 to 10 mins or for as long as they need.

The Fourth Phase of the Peace meditation concludes with a 10 min powerful Guided Visualization or Light Meditation to give and receive with all your heart; the gifts of peace, love and gratitude with your loved ones, all beings everywhere, and Mother Earth.

These Peace states are very profound in the depth of meditation reached for many participants, and each meditation session is different from the others.

Here’s what some of the attendees from Soulaccess Peace Meditation have to say:

“It’s amazing.You have to go there,try it and do it for yourself. It’s a present to yourself. Do it and it doesn’t matter; everybody does it differently. There’s no way you can’t have a positive experience, that I can see. So why wouldn’t you try it? Right?” —Brooks, NY

“What I would say to somebody who’s just starting the peace meditation is to feel it, or to see how your body feels. Where do you … If you do feel something and just to let it come in and to experience it… It was very relaxing.” —Joanne, Canada

“Hey, all green lights. It was a smooth path to get to that depth…” —Pat

Hi. During part of it, my head wanted to spin, not off, but it was a nice spiral. I’m just telling you how I felt. Maybe somebody else can relate? It just felt very nice and yeah, I just felt tingling in different parts of my head but the spiral part was oh, this is kind of neat. That’s it. It was very nice. Thank you.”—Joanne

“What I feel is that, different people have different experiences with their mind. My personal experience, very simply has been that it has been difficult for me to relax. I just couldn’t relax. That was my state of mind, that I was so troubled with that it just wouldn’t settle down. I wouldn’t feel relaxed. If that is the case … Then, when you really settle down, then, that peace comes in. That is what I have experienced through very recently. Peace is, it is very calming and very relaxing and you want to be there and it doesn’t trouble you. It feels, like you feel happy, you feel relaxed and you want to stay there and it rejuvenates you. That is what, in very simple language, it would be. When that peace is not there, then, your mind is just running and running and running and running and it just doesn’t want to stop. Then, that running mind can work into emotions and then, you go through different emotions. That is what I would like to put in, in very simple language. Today, it was very calming. I am very, very tired today but the Meditation relaxed me a lot and it freshened me. It didn’t take me long to settle in and it was just very comfortable and very calming and relaxing for me.” —Aditi

“For me, it’s like in the beginning, it’s always like as if you are surfing at the surface of the water, where it’s like lots of ups and downs and waves. The moment you start getting into it, you reach the stillness of the ocean. The depth of the ocean, that’s very within. For people who haven’t done this, I would say it’s very difficult and you don’t do it but it’s the easiest thing once you get into it and it gets addictive after a while. Thank you!” —Mona

“I’m fresh after the peace meditation.” —Ria

“I would say that if you stick with it … Because I know it’s frustrating in the beginning, at least for me it is, but if you just stick with it, eventually, you’ll get into a place where it’s effortless. Then you’ll, just as I said, just feel a sense of peace and happiness without trying.” —Sandra

“To put it very simple, it’s like, you have a break. You get a break from your routine, running world. I mean, the things that you are running to everyday from morning to night, it’s a must to take a break like this everyday, so that you can just settle down within yourself and look inward and just get into yourself. I think that I will put it that way, yeah. Just take a break. Relax yourself…” —Unathi

“Renewal of life, that’s what I felt. Going in, it was like, this was a new year and this is a new me that came out with this meditation and peace. I’m still in it… That you have it inside you and you have to find it. That you have to go and you go and listen to yourself and just be a part of yourself and breath. When I do breath awareness it re-awakens me. That’s all I can describe.” —Deidra

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Sign up here to get access to the meditation, and receive reminders each month!